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Higher Education and Big Dreams

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2 Year Degree Programs Offer Ohioans More Bang for the Buck

College fund in a jar

There’s no denying that times are tough. With unemployment rates still frighteningly high and tuition costs skyrocketing, job prospects are slim when you don’t have any college experience, but getting a degree is more costly than ever.

Want a College in Cincinnati Where You Can Fit in?

Group of students waving at the camera

Going to college can be a life changing experience that you will never forget, and one that can shape your life after you graduate in many different ways. So it’s important that you find the right college—a place that will provide the right atmosphere, surroundings, and support can be just as important as well as the right programs and majors.

Real Life Isn't Like Harvard: Why Open Enrollment is a Better Choice

Working mother multitasking

There’s a simple truth that many Americans tend to overlook when it comes to furthering their education— not all colleges are created equal and finding the right kind of college or program can be tough.

Associate of Arts: Be Ready When You Find the Right Job

Colleges students at the library

While specific majors and concentrations are still considered the backbone of a typical American college education, it’s becoming increasingly important for students to focus on and take more classes in the humanities.

Minimum Wage Shows the Necessity of 2 Year Degree Programs

African American college student studying

Things have changed in the United States over the past few decades, and not all of it has been for the better. The costs of living have risen tremendously– rent, groceries, insurance– and minimum wage has been slow to catch up if it has managed to catch up at all.

Your Guide to Raising a Family and Going to College in Cincinnati

Young Mother putting a bandaid on her daughter

Raising a family isn’t easy.

8 Ways to Start Your Career off Right When You Find the Right Job

Smiling and successful business women

Getting your 2 year degree is an amazing experience all on its own, and that feeling of excitement will continue for quite a while after. But have you thought about what comes next?

Job Hack: the Best and Fastest Way to Find the Right Job

African American woman looking for jobs in the newspaper

You did it. Maybe you thought you would never even get the chance to try but you did, and you did it well. You went to college, worked hard, and got your associate of arts degree.

You Aren’t Asking the Questions That Will Help You Find the Right Job

Finding the right job means making the right choices about college

Graduating high school and making plans to go to college can be an exciting time in your life— especially if you’re the first member of your family to do so. You’re going to have to make some pretty big decisions that will affect how the rest of your life plays out.

Associate of Arts Becomes More Profitable as STEM Fields Kill Jobs

Some college degrees are better than others.

The job market is in a difficult place right now, with unemployment rates holding steady, and news of layoffs and cutbacks becoming a regular occurrence. Sadly, and frustratingly, a college degree just doesn’t seem to offer everyone the opportunity to find the right job.

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